Monday, September 14, 2009

Four words you never want to hear

"Yesh, peas in nose."

Good news: she's very verbal; bad news: she was right.

"Yesh, pea in nose" was true. We were at a playdate and Maddie was rubbing her nose. I thought it was just the weather or her new fascination with sticking her finger in her nose. She did have a snack cup of dried peas and Elmo crackers, but I never thought of that. Fortunately, a friend was paying attention when Maddie said "peas up nose." And then when I asked, she said, "YESH!, peas in nose." Oops.

We rushed out went straight to the doctor and waited - and waited - with all the back to school and flu kids (hooray!). Let's hope the sick/well kids waiting rooms and hand washing really do help. We then went to an ENT (and waited some more), who then sprayed her nose with something and then (after more waiting), removed the pea!

He gave it to me to show her dad.

And, even better: the doctor told me that "stuffers" tend to be "repeaters". Oh, joy.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have always thought I was Princess Mimi. I am quite happy to share that title with Princess Maddie, but she is not.

At Gymnastics: "Maddie, are you a tiny tot?" " No, I pincess."

Later in the car: "Maddie, is mommy a princess?" " No, Maddie pincess." "How about mimi-mommy, is she Princess Mimi?" " Um, (At least this got a pause), No, Maddie Pincess."

She has also bestowed the title of queen on my mother, who is quite pleased with her designation.

She is also certain about the line of succession: "Maddie, who is the queen?" "Mum; Mum keen." "Maddie, is Granny Pearl a queen?" "No, Mum keen."

You're Kidding, Right?

Yesterday was fun - and I use that word very loosely. No pictures (big surprise, right?) but... this was my day.

Maddie slept just late enough to make us rush for school, but not late enought that we could justify calling in tardy. Okay, that's a typical day for us, but it would be nice to leave the house calmly once. (And I mean once, not even once in a while.) In the car, she decided no more school for her; did not love it anymore and had her first day of tears. (She does stop crying the second I leave the room so it's fine.)

I promised that it really would be snoball day and gymnastics after school - and I think she understood.

After leaving my crying child, my day was spent getting ready for MNO (moms night out) at my house - a pool party. Yes, a pool party. In the rain. Again. (Rain forcasted for all day and night; you're kidding, right?) So I cleaned and organized inside AND outside just in case.

When I went to pick Maddie up, it was STORMING. And I found out that yes, she had understood my promise. As I walked in the door, she announced "Oball Day." I tried to convince her that it was raining to hard, but the entire way from school to Sal's all I heard was "oball day; pink one; oball day; pink one; oball day; pink one." So, yes, I stopped and got her a snoball in the RAIN. Not too bad, until I got in the car, closed the umbrella and then dropped the umbrella out of the car into a puddle. You're kidding, right?

Our Saints playdate was scheduled for tomorrow so I checked my order of footballs and party supplies. Oops, the order was delayed and would arrive the afternoon of the playdate, not the day before. You're kidding, right?

MNO was nice... even watching Kevin put Maddie to bed at 10 pm instead of 8 pm. (You're kidding, right?)

Then, I cleaned up and went to bed. Or planned to go to bed. Kevin had locked our bedroom door to keep Maddie in; also kept me out. You're kidding, right? At least we have a really soft sofa!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Ducky

We went to our favorite play place again with our group.
As usual, I have another mom to thank for pictures of Maddie.
And, she caught Maddie standing on the firetruck. Oops.

And the Maddie came tumbling down

Maddie started gymnastics class and loved it. Check out her tumbling!
And over she goes

Getting ready for her floor exercises...

And over she goes again!

Tumbling with her friends. (Following Josh may have actually been her favorite part!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water, Water, Water Everywhere

We finally got to check out some water fountains.
These are across the lake and the day was just right -
enough breeze, shade and spray to make it fun for the moms,
and just enough water and chalk for the kids.

Running through the fountains.
(Or it at least looks that way!)

Babies, babies, babies everywhere.
My, how our group has grown.

Just getting a quick drink

Sammy, does this look weird?

Hey, boys, whatcha up to?

Boys, what are you up to?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jumping for Joy - I love school

My sassy girl went off to school in her sparkly bow and mini skirt today.
When I asked her if she loved school, she shouted, Yeah, yeah, love chool!
Then she jumped for joy!

Elmo Live!

We drove to Jackson to see the love of Maddie's life, Elmo!

First she posed with an Elmo cutout, then she held up her hands like Abby.

Showing off her shirt before the first show.

We had great seats and Elmo was really close.

During shows, we resisted the Elmo balloon temptation.

For the second show, we were in the front row and Elmo stopped to
high five Maddie and then dance right in front of us!

Most of the characters stopped by for a hug, high five or to tickle Maddie.
The ladybug - and then Zoe - had time to dance with her!

After the show, Maddie gathered streamers and then dragged them out.