Friday, September 11, 2009


I have always thought I was Princess Mimi. I am quite happy to share that title with Princess Maddie, but she is not.

At Gymnastics: "Maddie, are you a tiny tot?" " No, I pincess."

Later in the car: "Maddie, is mommy a princess?" " No, Maddie pincess." "How about mimi-mommy, is she Princess Mimi?" " Um, (At least this got a pause), No, Maddie Pincess."

She has also bestowed the title of queen on my mother, who is quite pleased with her designation.

She is also certain about the line of succession: "Maddie, who is the queen?" "Mum; Mum keen." "Maddie, is Granny Pearl a queen?" "No, Mum keen."

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