Monday, September 14, 2009

Four words you never want to hear

"Yesh, peas in nose."

Good news: she's very verbal; bad news: she was right.

"Yesh, pea in nose" was true. We were at a playdate and Maddie was rubbing her nose. I thought it was just the weather or her new fascination with sticking her finger in her nose. She did have a snack cup of dried peas and Elmo crackers, but I never thought of that. Fortunately, a friend was paying attention when Maddie said "peas up nose." And then when I asked, she said, "YESH!, peas in nose." Oops.

We rushed out went straight to the doctor and waited - and waited - with all the back to school and flu kids (hooray!). Let's hope the sick/well kids waiting rooms and hand washing really do help. We then went to an ENT (and waited some more), who then sprayed her nose with something and then (after more waiting), removed the pea!

He gave it to me to show her dad.

And, even better: the doctor told me that "stuffers" tend to be "repeaters". Oh, joy.


Andrea said...

That's funny! I sure do miss her:) You could have at least posted a pic of the pea! HA

Amy said...

I stuffed a kidney bean up my nose when I was little. To my knowledge I only did it once :)

Denise DeBlieux Prattini said...

Too funny! My sister put cheese up her nose...since she was the 3rd child, my mom told her to blow her nose and it would eventually come out...I think I would have a full day of doctor's visits if C decided to store something in her nose! Guess that's the difference b/w 1st and 3rd!

beth said...

Told Josh about this one and he thought it was hilarious. Even though he is older, I may be worried I have given him a GREAT idea....