Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily celebrated her birthday today at the Monkey Room.

Happy "Burfday, Emaee"

It has been fun to watch you grow up!

Maddie & Emily ... watching each other grow up? or just staring one another down? ....

and pals, Frank, Haley & Alex at Christmas, 2008Mama's Christmas angel, 2008

Daddy's little sweetheart, Valentine's, 2009

Kim & Emily (and Haley) last June (2008).

The party was great, but sadly, my photo abilities haven't much improved!

This was Frank waving hello.

And a great picture of Egan's face... oops, too late!

And Maddie was looking at me!

My diva had to wear a tutu with her "silly monkey" shirt.

Andrew helped Maddie jump.

Look at that bounce... Maddie is looking at the "utter jump." (Where is Alex?)

Now she's got it!

Emily & Daddy

Frank on the slide

On the "big slide" with Egan.

My camera ham. Say "cheese."

(Check out the color coordinated birthday girl and daddy in the back.

And can you see the monkey on Frank's shirt, too?)

Mommy, why are they all looking at me?

Okay, I can blow out my candles. Mommy & Daddy both helped.

Emily & Daddy again... see, color coordinated.

Maddie, where's your cake? "IN MOUF" (And just in case, you were confused...)

Ava & Andrew agree: we love cake!

Alex thinks it's faster with two hands.

More, please!


Kim said...

Thanks for this Cherie!!! Great pics and I'm still laughing out loud! So glad you and Maddie could be there to celebrate with us!

Blair said...

Too funny! I LOVE the one of her pointing to her mouth. Pricesless.

The girls were loving the pictures. Frannie was squealing, "Ma-yee!!"