Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we go again... I hope

My friend Blair started me on this blogging thing... and convinced me that an iPhone would be great. I'm still not sure about either, but I promised I'd keep trying. I meant to start blogging again when Blair moved far, far away (okay, it's a two hour drive). Life - and the Hamptons - got in the way. But, Maddie & I got to visit Blair & Frannie today so I read Blair's blog tonight. It sounded sad so I thought I would try to cheer her up by actually blogging.

I also realized how much Maddie has changed. It is been almost exactly five months since I "blogged." Maddie was a baby and I could almost list all her words and in the blog, she's "jumping." Well, we spent two weeks with my sister and her boys again (hopefully, I will add more about that later.) The boys got a new trampoline that I thought would be fun for Maddie to watch. Watch? Her? She loved it so much Rome said Mum got it for Maddie. My little girl would run outside, across the yard, climb the ladder (yes, a ladder - a three step ladder) and then into the trampoline and jump and run and then jump and run and giggle, giggle, giggle.

Thanks, again, Blair. We miss you. (Oh, and, yes, we do love Oxyclean... you were right about that one!)


Blair said...

YEAH! You are blogging again!

I have missed my sweet Maddie updates. She has grown so much since we moved!

I am feeling better this morning. The girls just spent the day tag-teaming me and I was beat down last night.

Can't wait to visit on Saturday!

Blair said...

PS. Oxyclean is the bomb and you will one day love your iPhone. Don't know what I did without mine!

Connie's Confessions said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts on Maddie. I don't see much of you anymore so reading on how little Maddie is doing these days would be great. :)

Courtney said...

Welcome Welcome! I look forward to seeing pics of sweet Maddie again!

Angele said...

Yay!! We are so glad you are back!!

Sara said...

Hooray! Glad you're back on blogging! Can't wait to hear all about Maddie's adventures (and your adventures too!) :)