Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Kevin was out of town this week so we stayed busy. We hosted a new member playdate, an organizer meeting, and two playdates with friends. Maddie loved seeing Frannie and the "big girls" and sharing juice was the best!
We needed some "down time" so Maddie went out to play in the rain - check out this outfit. She's wearing the pj top she kept on all day, the capri jeans (that look much better with the white top mommy picked out), her black boots (thanks, Kirk & Stella) and her new rain hat.

When she found her fairy costume, her fashion sense kicked in and she changed boots!


Blair said...

Oh my word, I LOVE the boot! So gald you are blogging again. I missed my sweet Maddie updates!

Blair said...

and that should be boots not boot. It has been a long weekend!

Jessica said...

I LOVE that pic of Maddie in her fairy costume!

Anonymous said...

i love the fariy costume...too cute! i love that she was playing in the rain...hehe :)