Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, Beautiful Day

Today was the best. Maddie slept late (9:30) and was pretty clear that she wanted to stay home and play. We had plans for a playdate with our mom's group, but went late. While hanging out at home, Maddie figured out where I keep the pacifiers and holders - now she goes to the drawer, grabs a paci and holder, sucks on one and brings me the other to attach. Cute, but I think I might have to find a new place for the pacis.

When finally got to the car and I am really glad I convinced Maddie to go - she loved every minute of the playdate and wanted to check out every single one of Egan's toys.

It was an all ages playdate (hooray!) so we got to see lots of babies - Luke, Henry and big brother Andrew. Baby Julius was there, too. Bre, Sammy and Delaney were there, too, but they are almost the big kids now!

Xan the Man pushed Maddie and made her scream with laughter - love that boy!

He loves Maddie, too, and politely, but firmly, pushed Egan off - no sharing Maddie!

We visited the playground after nap time and Maddie proved she really is a toddler. I didn't know if I should take pictures or make sure Maddie didn't jump! (Thanks Amy for taking pictures!) And, more babies - baby Sara and Gerard, too!

I love having Peyton at the playground - she is a self appointed Maddie watcher and helper!

Peyton taught Maddie how to slide on her tummy - they've decided it's time to slide on her bum!

And jump on the bouncy bridge. Xander came along and made Maddie shriek with laughter again when he bounced her on the bridge. She tried hard to jump like him, but can only manage a stomp.

If Peyton can climb the rocks, so can I, or so Maddie thinks.

Okay, Peyton, can you teach me how to get up the slide backwards now?

Catch me, Xander!

Look, I'm sliding - and I think I like it!

The weather is great and this day was wonderful - more in our "Oball post."


Amy said...

Xander absolutely without a doubt loves Maddie. I've never seen him so fond of someone other than Delaney :) It's sweet but let me know if it gets to be too overwhelming :)

Connie's Confessions said...


I miss your posts! I wish you would come back. :(