Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Cousins

After our trip to Disney, Rome & JW spent two nights in New Orleans, waiting for the snow storm to end in New York.

The first night, I had JW and Mom took Rome, as usual. The next day, Mom & Cessie decided I needed a break. They took ALL THREE kids to LCM, lunch at Planet Hollywood and then an Aquarium visit... all in one day. And I slept all day!

For dinner, Cessie took everyone to the Country Club for fried chicken night.

JW showed his love for Maddie....

and Maddie loves him.

We got all four of the cousins to "pose" outside.

Okay, all four of them were near each other...

The three midgets made faces and the giant (aka Trenton) tried to look cool.

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Spellbound said...

Maddie fits right in with any age doesn't she? Too cute.