Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playdates and other adventures

In between our travels, we've tried to spend lots of time with our friends. We visited the zoo (after music class) and learned how to steer from Peyton. This came in handy at Trinty Park in Fort Worth - Maddie knew just how to steer the jungle gym - and how to slide. (Thanks, Peyton!)

At Betsy and Gabriella's playdate, we saw a lot of our friends - and imitated Isabella, tried to boss Frank and argued with Emily. Maddie actually tried to move Emily by lifting her by the waist. Fortunately, Emily thought it was kind of funny and just kind of smirked at her. (Maddie is bit shorter than Emily, after all.)

A roomful of girls...

The organizers of my moms group met at our house this week. With their kids. Missing from the picture - two boxes of Krispy Kreme, one child wanting to be in the picture, one child not wanting any pictures, three of our group babies, two toddlers (how did my child get so big?) and two boys hiding their drink cup in Maddie's play refrigerator. (Andrea, I found your sippy cup!)

At Amber and Conner's house, Maddie showed Ms. Blair her "v" - learned from Charlotte and Francis' cousins. (Okay, Blair, how do I attach your blog?) And do I really want to encourage my child to do this?

My giggle girl.. thanks, Blair, for capturing this picture. Gotta love that giggle.

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Andrea said...

So THAT'S where the sippy cup was. Thanks a bunch, detective:)