Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Joseph's Altars and Aunt Cessie

Today was Aunt Ces day - hooray! Maddie slept late (9:30) so we missed music class, again. The child has rhythm and knows how to dance so I don't think a missed music class is stunting her cultural growth... we'll go to every day of Jazz Fest to make up for it!

Maddie was thrilled to see Aunt Ces and took off to her car, with a brief stop to wave at me. They went to one of Maddie's favorite stores - Sams, and then lunch at Tiffany's for a special St. Joseph's Day menu. They also visited some of the local altars and brought back some cookies and lucky beans. They really enjoyed the beautiful day and visited Longue Vue and Perino's. I hear Maddie loved running on the lawn, playing in the gift shop and hiding behind the "tree" at the garden center.

I know it was a busy day because she slept for over two hours this afternoon. Thank you, Aunt Ces, for my free day!

This is Maddie in her St. Joseph's Day dress. (Okay, it was really her Christmas dress, but the colors were perfect for today and I was thrilled she got a chance to wear it again. I love this dress - thanks Amy, for talking me into buying it!)

Maddie is relaxing in her basket - the Moses infant basket. She now has a princess blanket and pillow (thanks, Granny Pearl) and uses the basket as her own recliner. She's too busy with a couple of her favorite things to smile - a drinkable yogurt and a straw! She's also watching one of her favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars, on TV so she is very focused.

The yogurt is empty and the TV is paused so she can take a break to smile - with a St. Joseph cookie in her mouth!

We ended the day outside again. With the great weather, we have had breakfast and dinner on the back porch almost every day. It is so great to watch Maddie play with her toys and enjoy her picnic dinner - and we can eat dinner, too!

Since Cessie didn't take pictures, I found some photos of local St. Joseph's Altars. This is what Maddie saw today.

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