Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're back... for a little while

We have a had a whirlwind of activity for a month: Mardi Gras, 2 cousins visiting, Disneyworld, Dallas with the Imagination Movers and now it's parade time again! One day maybe I'll actually post pictures of our big adventures, but for now, we'll feature the little ones.

Maddie had her first snoball Thursday and I know she's my child. She LOVED her "o-ball." She got wedding cake flavor (no color) and it's pretty good - really sweet. I really goofed by (once again) having no camera, but I cannot believe I'll ever forget how adorable she was, sitting next to me on the log benches at Sal's, just giggling with the joy of it all. She loved being a big girl, sitting next to mama, using a straw and spoon and eat it she did - she finished every bit of the snoball. I thought we would leave when I was done but she wasn't fooled. She knew hers had more and insisted on draining every last drop!

Today was the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day parade. It rained. A lot. Didn't stop Ms. I Love A Parade. (Yet more proof that she really is my child.) She still wore her green tutu and shirt tiara and her clover shoes and was the center of attention. Well, she may have been the only child on the parade route. Did I mention it rained? A lot? She was fine, of course, in her covered stroller. Her really patient Daddy and determined Aunt and Mom were a bit wet, but hey, it wasn't crowded.

Of course she got all the flowers and beads (and stuffed animals and toys and balls and...) - I mean how cute is she? And she waves and claps and smiles and cheers and then waved her Irish flag... how could the marchers not notice her?

Notice the big pink beads. When she got those from Aunt Ces, she whipped off her tiara and put those on so fast we barely saw it happen. My girl knows the "good beads"! (And, yes, that is a second stroller just for her loot in the background.)


Andrea said...

I can't believe Sal's is open!! I wish I didn't know that now. I love them almost as much as my love for king cake!
Maddie looks so cute! That girl can get some loot:) and without having to do anything except sit and be pretty. Glad you all had fun.

Spellbound said...

Welcome back! We missed ya. Maddie sure does love to have fun. But watch that Mamma! HA! Love the pictures.....

*~*Heather*~* said...

Snoballs!! Yay, I'm so glad to know that the stands are opening again. Maddie has good taste- I love Wedding Cake ones too.

I'm making Chloe a tutu for the playdate on Tuesday, I had a feeling Maddie might have one as well.

Angele said...

Glad ya'll are back!! Sal's is our favorite place!!!!!!!! Yummy!