Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love "oballs"!

Today was a great day and ended perfectly. We stopped at Sal's for Maddie's second snoball. As soon as we drove up, she started babbling. Once we got into the seating area, Maddie just stood in the middle and laughed - and that was before she got a snoball!

She loves sitting on the log, using a straw, and really loves her snoballs!

More, mama, more! I spooned it as fast I as could.

On our way home, we stopped for - hot (oh, joy!!) - boiled crawfish and ate on the back porch again. Maddie loves being able to eat at her table and play with her outside toys. I am a stickler about having her sit and eat inside, but outside, I let her eat and play and then eat and then play - the freedom!

We found out she really is a New Orleans baby, too. She absolutely had to try boiled seafood. She spit out the first bite and was clearly astounded by the spice. Then asked for more. She learned fast to eat two, shriek a bit, drink some water, eat two more, repeat!

She also told her Daddy all about our snoball trip (which I planned to leave out of our day - not quite on my diet!) As he changed her, she babbled "oball" "oball" until he guessed!

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