Thursday, January 22, 2009

at least the weather is nice

I am finally feeling better, hooray!! My poor baby is still sick, but she doesn't seem to know it. I really thought we were going out today. We got up and were dressed around 8. (Yes, am, for those who know me well!) Breakfast - toast for me, Os, banana and yogurt for Maddie - went well. I pushed my luck and gave her a bottle of milk. Seconds after polishing it off (and maybe because she sucked it down), it came back - onto the sofa that did not need steaming cleaning (well, until now.) I was still pretty hopeful and made plans to meet my sister for lunch and a kid movie.

Maddie's tummy had other plans. I started to pick her up to leave and realized she had exploded. Also realized that a onsie was a really bad idea. Kevin took her straight to the shower and I headed back to the laundry room.

Kevin did keep Maddie for a little while so I could run to the store (and frankly, escape the house for a little while.) It was such a nice day! As soon as I got home, I plunked a blanket in the stroller and set off with Maddie. We walked while she napped and then had a picnic on the back porch and just played outside. Once again, I thought we had made it - maybe the really cheap store brand chicken pot pies were the answer; forget the homemade organic food! - but then, oops. I realized that she had thrown up on the porch, and once again, as I picked her up, yuck! Please tell me that the slide was wet and got it on her pants. Oh, no, she was "wet" and got it on the slide. What fun to be a mom!

Dinner - I was sure I could find something that would stay in her stomach so I made chicken soup, using all organic ingredients (at least she liked it), yogurt mashed potatoes (hated it) and homemade cranberry jello. (I didn't even know you could make your own.) The jello didn't set until after dinner and unfortunately, Maddie's tummy didn't set either. Well, at least it was bath time!

Somehow, I didn't take any pictures today. Since I didn't start this until Maddie was thirteen months old, I hope to add pictures from her first year. This picture was taken a year ago today - Shadow, Mommy & Maddie!

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