Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grocery shopping with Aunt Ces

Wow, the excitement - today was grocery day! I guess driving your own car (and one with two steering wheels at that) is pretty cool when you are only 29" tall. And, she taste tested her way through Whole Foods - she tried all the cheeses, ate a baby apple (her first whole apple! - even if it was a really tiny one), freeze dried snap peas and jackfruit and some animal crackers. And all of this was right after lunch at the Kosher Cajun deli.

She must be growing since she ate all day. She ate breakfast and then really wanted Daddy's bowl of cereal and blueberries. He left without eating his cereal - to meet an early deliveryman - and she signed "want" "eat" over and over to me. I finally said she could sit in Daddy's chair and eat his cereal. I know she understands words: She lit up, cheered and RAN over to try to climb in his chair. She was so proud to sit in a big chair and eat from a big bowl - she at at least a third of his cheerios and berries. (Oops, then he came back home for his breakfast!)

Maddie is really understanding words and doing so much so fast. Last night, after Kevin put on her diaper (crooked), I laughed and said "Maddie, look at your funky diaper." She laughed, too, and then sat down to look at her diaper. And then laughed some more! I love the sound of her laughter, both her giggles and her funny laugh. I try to memorize it because I know one day, she'll grow outgrow the baby giggles.

Grocery day really is kind of fun now - Maddie can eat so many new foods. I love watching her try olives and today's new food, tangerines. She loved it and kept asking for more.

Aunt Ces spent most of the day with us and helped us shop and then get dinner started. Maddie really lights up when she sees her now.

Maddie laughing with Aunt Cessie at her stuffed animals. We use her baby bassinet for stuffed animals - I wasn't ready to let it go just yet - and she loves to get in and sit with the animals.

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