Friday, January 30, 2009

Maddie's car and more boots

We try to walk to the store every day - it gives us a nice half hour outside, usually right before dinner and we can get anything we need for dinner.
We now take her "car." I use her front trunk for carrying heavy items and she cracks up laughing every time. She loves driving her car and waves to everyone. As we wait at the traffic light at the intersection, she waves to the passing cars. Then, as we cross the street, she waves to the cars sitting at the light. The best response has been a car of teen-age boys - they honked and waved back. She was thrilled but her mother hoped she'd never attract the attention of teenage boys again!

Today, she wanted to wear her boots, even though they are too big. Every time someone talked to her, she showed them her boots. She is trying to lift up both legs to show her boots to the camera.

She loves boots so much that she threw a pair of rain boots in the tub tonight. I let her bathe wearing them and she thought was great! I wanted a picture but decided against leaving the baby in the tub to get the camera. She looked pretty funny, sitting naked in the tub, wearing purple and pink boots!


Courtney said...

Too cute! I have a friend who has this car for her little girl and she loves it.

Amy said...

How sweet, save that car so Delaney can take a test drive when she gets older :)

Angele said...

Look out!!! You might have your hands full when it is time to start dating;)