Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bad Night and Sock Boots

We made it through all of Maddie's first year without any illnesses, medicines or sick baby doctor visits. Since her first birthday, we've been to the doctor three times, called twice after hours, been on antibotics (twice) and experienced her first bout of real illness. Bring babyhood back!

After throwing up all Saturday night, Maddie was better Sunday and I thought we had made it pretty well. Then came Monday - diarrhea for her, all the symptoms hitting me and then Maddie threw up all over Daddy at 2 am. (He did pretty well and held her anyway.)

We spent all night trying to make it to morning! We've also washed every sleeper she owns, every towel in the house and a lots of other miscellaneous blankets, pillows, tshirts...

I've wiped down every door handle, phone, light switch and surface space I could - and now I am doing it again. And all her toys are going for a spin in the dishwasher!

Through it all, she's been great. A little bit cranky and whiney (who can blame her?), but she able to be jollied into a good mood and she has developed a new habit. I got out some fluffy socks for me to wear and she wanted them! I let her have a pair, of course, and they came up to her hips. She has worn a pair of my fluffy socks since then. Kevin said that after she threw up all over him at 2 am, she first checked to make sure her socks were still on! (It's a good thing I had more than one pair!)

They remind me so much of my first meetup with the Metairie Moms. I went to story time at Barnes & Noble with 2 month old Maddie and met a (now former) member, who had forgotten her shoes. She pulled up her socks and called them sock boots. I must have really needed friends because looking back, that's really weird - I should have run away from that group!


Blair said...

too cute! I am so sorry we gave you this yucky stuff!!
And I am so glad you didn't run from the group!

Sara said...

I remember those sock boots! What a good memory you have! I'm surprised you didn't run from the group - I probably would have! lol!