Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art and Theater, all in one great day

Today has been fabulous! (Too bad I once again forgot the camera!) We met Mum (my mom) downtown and then walked to the Farmer's market. Maddie drove her car again and, of course, loved it. We found a lady selling baby cakes - individual sized kingcakes. My daughter with the sweet tooth was thrilled. Mum bought some strawberries and shared them with Maddie, who thought four was not enough. She kept handing me the bowl and pointing inside, where she knew there were more!

The day was so pretty we decided to take the street car to the Art Market - all the way at the end of the line, about an hour ride. It was so nice with the windows down and Maddie loved riding on my lap without a car seat.

We had a picnic on the grass in the park and watched kids play ball. Maddie was so excited about lunch she was dancing and wiggling when I put down her plate. The olives, strawberries, blueberries and grapes vanished, along with the pasta. She also attacked my crawfish sausage, and seemed to like it.

Walking around the market was great. There were lots of kids and plenty of dogs (hooray!). We bought some kids French books at the library book stand. Great deal - $1/book! Maddie & Mum tried on feather hats and headbands - and I am so sorry I didn't have the camera.

The craft tent was fabulous. Maddie made a hat, decorated with shiny stars, glitter and confetti. Although I put on the glue and confetti, Maddie quickly figured out how to attach the stars and added a lot - she loved the shiny ones.

I took pictures of Maddie and her art project when we got home:

Showing off her project and her boots.
Love those shiny stars!

Our big outing was yet to come. Maddie & I were going to see Beauty & the Beast. I put her in the bath but first, she found my boots. Apparently, all boots are great and wearing them with clothes is not required.

She loved the show. We actually walked over to East Jefferson (no parking anywhere!). The show was sold out so it was really crowded but Maddie was so sweet. She sat on my lap and was mesmerized by the performance. It started late (8 pm) so she was really tired, but wanted to watch it so badly. I thought we would leave at 9:30 at intermission, but she wanted to go back again. She watched for about another half an hour before getting too fidgety. My incredible husband was sitting outside waiting for us, since he didn't want us to walk home in the dark. (Thank you, Kevin!!) Maddie was totally wiped out - I really blew it since I needed a picture of the snow princess in her "fur" lined dress, awesome black cape (kind of like Belle's) and her flashing roses, sound asleep in her stroller. Maybe she'll let me recreate it!

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