Friday, January 23, 2009

Power Wheels and Basketball

Well, we made it and Maddie is fine, I think. I'm still feeding her a very limited diet so the real test will come when I finally let her have a bottle of milk! She keeps asking for the food on our plates and she really enjoyed dinner tonight so I think her tummy is better. Thank goodness - the night she was signing "eat, eat" was awful! (Kind of cute that she can do it, though!)

She found her power wheels today and was buzzing around on her ATV. She gets frustrated because her thumb is not strong enough to hold the button for long. (Mommy kind of likes that!) She did figure out that if she used two thumbs, she could actually move the car. It's great to see her motoring around, especially since I just (and I mean just- today - $34 in shipping today) returned the power wheels bus, thinking she was too young for these. Maybe after helping me box up the bus then watching the UPS man take it away and figured she'd better start using the ATV and car or they'd be gone, too!

Nick is here for the weekend again and she is thrilled. Her face lit up when he walked in the door. It is so great to hear them playing. She giggles and then laughes when he laughes and then giggles some more. She will do anything to get him to play and laugh with her, the little flirt.

Her best time today, though, was playing basketball. We went for our neighborhood walk and stopped to watch the neighbors play ball. (The boys are probably about 5 and 8.) She was so excited that she yelled and cheered and threw her arms up in a "touchdown" motion every time the ball went near the basket. Then... one of the boys brought over an extra ball for her. It was so big but she was determined to pick that thing up and toss it! I think I will wait to tell her that with her genes, a future in basketball is probably out.

I had already forgotten that she slept in "touchdown" position. Maybe she getting ready for a future in officiating.
(Of course, we also called it "under arrest" so we're going to assume it's just a baby position and not a prediction of her future...!)

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