Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Dirt Day, Andrew!

Our friend, Andrew, celebrated his second birthday. I think he can say "birthday" now, but I still love "dirt day"! His train party was great, and Maddie was well enough to get to go out. She walked in the door, and headed to Andrew's new table. Maddie and the boys, playing train...!

It was great to see our friends, especially Frances and Charlotte. Frances really loved Maddie today. Usually Maddie loves on Frances too much, but today, Fran wanted to hug and touch Maddie. I think Frances is checking out Maddie's growing hair, because she kept patting her head. It is so nice to have a best friend at 13 months! (And it is even nicer that Frances' mommy has a camera and takes pictures since Maddie's mommy forgot hers - again.)

Maddie was so thrilled to see real food again, especially Frances' chez-its and the cake. She wanted everyone's lunch - gumbo, such a New Orleans girl! - and followed Frannie around until she shared snacks. I let her eat a piece of cake without icing and yes, she ate it all, my child with a sweet tooth.

Sara brought out the balloons at the end and Maddie loved them. She was so tired she could hardly stand up, but she could chase balloons.

Nick is still at our house and I love watching them together. Maddie gets on his lap and just leans back, relaxes and smiles. She giggles with him - and for him - all the time. Nick is really sweet and patient with her and loves to tease her and is just a great big brother.

Tonight, I got to go out with my "Gym Rompers" mom friends. It was so great - thanks, Jessica for getting us all together. Same time, next week? We went to Crepe Nanou and although the food wasn't as great as I remembered, the evening was. We talked and laughed and shared secrets and just had a really nice, no kids evening. We were at our table for 4 hours and our waiter never seemed tired of us and brought me a chocolate mousse crepe. What more can a girl want?

Kevin took the kids to Spudly's for dinner. Maddie was a little tired - and loud, he said. Kevin actually blew bubbles at the table for her. I know I remember hearing that we didn't need bubble in the diaper bag - when would we use those in public? Um, now, I guess. Think it's okay to blow bubbles on a plane?


*~*Heather*~* said...

Hi Cherie!

We just learned about the magic of bubbles from one of Carl's coworkers. I never imagined we'd be carrying bubbles around either but if it keeps Chloe happy long enough for our entrees to be delivered...

Take Care,

Blair said...

That is the BEST idea! I think I might need to carry some around too!

Amy said...

So cute, love it!!