Friday, January 30, 2009


Oops! Not only did I forget the memory card for the camera, but I forgot to post yesterday! We went to a playdate at Betsy and Gabriella's house with our friends. Maddie loves playing with other kids' toys, especially if they are the same toys we have at home! Gabriella has a different version of the toys - the kitchen, we have the door; the zoo, we have the circus, etc, but the toys look and work the same way, while being a bit different. Maddie seemed really fascinated by that. She's understanding so much more and really figuring things out - she finally learned how to follow Shadow and crawl under the coffee table (too bad she hasn't learned how to crawl out yet!)

She has the funniest laugh. Her baby giggle is wonderful, of course, but the "fake laugh" is hysterical. She really just thinks the world is so much fun and I am the luckiest mama and have the cutest, happiest, smartest baby ever! (That's not too much, is it?)

Since I forgot to take pictures, here is a picture of our friends at the playdate - including a new member, 8-month-old Maddie!


Amy said...

Nope. Xander kept telling me last night "your the best mom in the whole world, al the world, even space" and he was giving me kisses all over my face. Oh, I just love being a mom.

Andrea said...

You need to catch that fake laugh on video. It is too cute! What did we ever do before kids for entertainment? :)