Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aunt Ces shows me the rest of the children's museum - you mean there's more than a toddler room?

My moms group was headed to the zoo on Wednesday but rain was in the forecast so we decided to spend the day at LCM with Aunt Ces. (My moms group ended up at LCM, too with rain threatening but the weather ended up being beautiful; I should practice what I preach: no listening to the forecast.) We decided to show Maddie more of the museum; she thought the toddler room was it. And boy, does she get the toddler room now! Just a few short weeks ago she couldn't climb the walls or slides. Now, she is up and over, no problem. The rest of the museum was pretty great, too. Aunt Ces showed us Trenton's favorite spots - he's all grown up now, but he liked LCM as a kid, too.

Daddy, Mommy, Maddie, Aunt Ces and Trenton during Gustav evacuation in Florida.

Check me out, Uncle Joey. I can drive Aunt Ces in a police car, too!

Are you sure this bike is too big for me?

Don't worry about Whole Foods, Mom; I'll do the shopping today.

Oh, yes, two drums at once. Think I can dance at the same time?

Thanks for great service, Aunt Ces, but this cake tastes a little plastic.

After LCM, we had lunch at Cafe Reconcile. She really is a big girl. She sat at the table and waved at everyone and ate everything, including the collard greens.

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