Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bye, bye, Mama

In the past two days, Maddie has left me at home twice and stayed home without me twice. She's definately my baby, so I always worry that she won't stay with sitters. (Of course, at our visit to Metairie Ridge, I should have guessed it would be fine... she made a beeline for the room with kids and toys and then ran past me with her loot - a "borrowed" baby doll.)

On Monday, my friend Amy was wonderful and stayed with Maddie so I could go to the doctor alone. (Thank you, Amy!) Maddie knew I was gone, but was perfectly happy to play with at her house with Amy & Delaney. (Just like at Blair's a few weeks ago, she occasionally pointed to the door and "talked" but then moved on - and I thought I was irreplaceable!)

Maddie & Delaney now - borrowed from Amy's blog - thanks!

Delaney & Maddie last November.

Monday night was movie night for Mommy so Maddie stayed home with Daddy. She happily waved "bye bye, mama."

On Tuesday, Aunt Ces took her an exciting trip to Sam's and lunch at MacAllisters. Their first outing! Maddie waved as she backed out the driveway. I don't think she even asked where I was. Of course, Aunt Ces also took her to enjoy the perfect day at the park, so Aunt Ces was a much better option than house work with Mommy.

Aunt Ces teaching Maddie to use a straw at the Teddy Bear Tea.

Tuesday night, Kevin took me to dinner for Valentine's. (Stella - it was wonderful, especially the lobster, truffle egg!) We left Maddie with my mom. The last I saw was her getting into the elevator, on her way to visit some dogs, waving bye bye!

Maddie & Mum before Christmas, on a tour of downtown hotel decorations.

Thanks, everyone, for helping my little girl take another (dreaded) step toward independence.

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Spellbound said...

I know how hard that is. When I leave Peyton with grandparents, etc and return many HOURS later he looks at me like .."you are back already?". I guess he is having too much fun to be missing me.