Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bookoo Bouncing and the many faces of Maddie

The boys are here, the boys are here! Look they're here!

JW & Rome arrived on the 7 am flight from New York, which means they got up at some crazy hour. What do you do with two wired, tired boys? BOUNCING!!

My moms group was meeting at Bookoo Bounce (hooray!) so after music class, Maddie & I met mom, Aunt Ces and the boys, who came straight from the airport. The boys LOVED it! Bouncing, jumping, sliding, bouncing, jumping, sliding, repeat. Maddie followed them around and posed for Blair's camera (thanks again, Blair!) Her favorite part was the pizza - she ate her whole slice, finished half of JW's and then got another slice!


Mom, that girl took my ball...!

Sweet eyes for Miss Blair.

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Spellbound said...

Too cute! I am so sad that I missed out. I came down with a cold...(from Peyton I am sure) and didn't want to spread my germs. One day we all will be healthy again!