Friday, February 13, 2009

It's raining balloons

After everyone left and the party was over, I had lots of cake, ice cream and pickles. And balloons. Maddie came home to sinking balloons, sinking balloons, everywhere. They covered the floor of the office, and she had a blast playing with them. Some had just enough air to bop around her in her high chair, but a lot were at ground level, perfect for her! Until tonight, when I decided the balloons should go. I started (quietly) popping and she began to cry - I didn't think she'd know that the balloons would be gone for good, but once again, I underestimated Maddie.

Before the party.

Wow, check this out!

What are these amazing things and are they everywhere?

They sure are cool.

And, even better, I can catch them!

And then put them where I want.

Walking my balloons - check out my hair!

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