Monday, February 9, 2009

Aunt Cessie's carrot and school time

Today we visited two preschools - Metairie Ridge and Little Red Schoolhouse. We are also on waiting list for Munholland and Edison House, but wanted to make sure we'll have some options next year.
Our first stop was Metairie Ridge. (And we did briefly spot our friend Charlotte on our way out.) Maddie was thrilled to get out and follow people inside. Once she heard the sound of kids playing, she was on her way down the hall. She found the two year old class (which would be hers next year) and went right in. About then, I met the director who invited to me to come outside and see the playground. Maddie decided to stay in school! When I got back, she was playing with a baby doll and a couple of the other kids. She was glad to make her escape, but only because she wanted to hang on to that doll. When I asked her to give it back, she gave me a look and took off down the hall! At least I found out that she's ready for school, even if I am not.

We had lunch at Aunt Cessie's house and spent a lot of time in her back yard. On the way out, Maddie & Aunt Ces stopped to check out the garden. I was so sorry I did not have the camera - I need to carry it everywhere, like Blair. Maddie was fascinated with the plants and watched Cessie so intently, it was adorable. She was quite proud to come home with her prize - a baby carrot.

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