Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here Comes the Parade!

I love Mardi Gras! I really hoped Maddie would enjoy her first Mardi Gras and hooray! She loves it, too. We are really lucky - my mom lives on St. Charles and her condo building erects a giant stand. Maddie can watch all the parades with a front row seat, room to run (and pick up beads off the "ground") and be perfectly safe (except from the occasional flying bead).

We have seen every parade possible, including the boy scout parade, Little Rascals and part of Barkus. Maddie has dressed as the Mardi Gras fairy, a peacock, a princess, a cat and herself. She enjoys her costumes, too, and will try to dress herself in the one she picks. She truly loves to dance with the bands (and sometimes just out of parade joy) - she shakes, wiggles, stomps, claps, bops, and has any number of moves. She even got to hold and shake a pair of pompoms on loan from a real cheerleader in a parade. She actually signed "thank you, thank you, thank you" on her own as the girl marched away!
She really loves the floats, too, and gets annoyed if anyone holding her faces the wrong way. She has learned to wave for beads, which is different than a hello or bye bye wave. She liked to catch things - and actually catches stuff herself - and does not want anyone to give away her beads. She is happy to share, she just wants to be the one sharing. Maddie wants to catch the beads and is not really interested in beads someone gives her - the catching is the fun part. It's fun to be with a baby - people throw all sorts of trinkets, including a big Mr. Bingle and a hula hoop (maybe that's where she learned to rotate her hips - another dance move!) Her favorites so far have been, unfortunately, a well used baby doll, a Hannah Montana brush set and a fairly large plastic rat!

Loving the dance team.

Making a parade friend - and riding her new toy - a stuffed dinosaur.

Checking out her loot.

And being quite pleased with her stuff.

Aren't these beads great on me?

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