Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parade Season... Hooray!

Maddie & I went to our first parade today - finally! The boy scouts paraded through the neighborhood and it was great. The weather was so fabulous. We parked at Cleary playground and watched from across the street. Maddie sat on the ground and paraders piled beads, toys, stuffed animals and candy on her lap and all around her. By the end of the parade, she was in a mountain of throws! Some other kids came along and we gave them all our beads. (Hooray!) We gave them most of the stuffed animals, too. It took a little while for Maddie to understand that she was supposed to let them keep the beads and animals, but once she got, she handed everything over. Everything, that is, except the moon pie. How did she know that was food? And bad for her food at that?

Of course, I had camera problems again - batteries not charged - so I borrowed a picture from our friend Corine. (thanks!) Picture Maddie's pink car instead of Ethan's blue one, and that's the parade.

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*~*Heather*~* said...

We wondered what that was. We were coming back from the Yenni building this morning and came down West Metairie and saw lots of kids in wagons with beads.