Friday, February 13, 2009

Nick's Grand Prize

We have been working with Nick on his Louisiana State Parks project since Christmas.
Today was the school competition and show.
Check out this amazing project.
What you can't see - the parks light up when you push the location button.

The judges loved it, too - Nick got first in his category, and -drumroll - Grand Prize overall!!

Check out the plaque and ribbons.

Maddie was so excited she twirled in circles.

And showed off her brother to everyone.

We are so proud of you, Nick. You really worked hard and did a great job!!

Now on to the regional competition...


Blair said...

That is awesome! Way to go Nick.

And ugh...that damn cafeteria. *shudder* Brings back memories. Did I mention I hated that place?

Glad to see they are finally rewarding hard work over there.

Spellbound said...

God, school projects brings back so many memories. I hated having to do them and to think that this will come again when Peyton goes to school!

*~*Heather*~* said...

Whoo hoo! He did a fantastic job, I'm sure he's going to state with that.

I loved school projects! I have fond memories of creating the Moon out of styrafoam and modeling clay with a little lego moonman Neil Armstrong.

Amy said...

That's awesome Nick, it looks great!!! Congrats :)

Courtney said...

Cool project!