Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maddie's tricks

Maddie seems to learn new tricks every couple of days.

She has been nodding (yes!) and clapping for quite a while.

She really does know the difference between nodding and shaking. I asked her tonight if she wanted to eat and she shook no. I asked if she wanted to keep playing with Nick and she nodded yes. About twenty minutes later, I asked again and she signed eating and nodded, while heading to the kitchen.

She can also sign tired or sleep and signed please, today.

Her other favorite moves have been shaking (hips) and dancing (shoulder swaying).

She has added:
- waving (sometimes at people, sometimes at objects)
- blowing kisses
- head shaking no
- stomping (or tapping)
- head bopping (part of the dancing routine)
- blinking and sweet eyes - so cute!
- twirling or ballroom dancing (spinning in a circle, with one arm extended around an imaginary partner, apparently learned from some older black & white movies)

and her new trick today:
- the "V" (lie on back, hands on feet and spread legs in a "v"; I think she learned this from Blair's neices and she is very proud of this one!)

I tried to get a picture, but she's fast! This is an "after" picture.

Maddie, each time you learn a new "trick", I think you are the most talented child in the world - and the cutest. And then you learn another one. Ballroom dancing is best! Until the next best.

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Blair said...

Oh I love it! I need to teach you how to link words to another post so people can see my post to visualize that move.

For now, here is the link for those wondering who you are talking about!

Can't wait to see her dance moves.