Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sara's shower and Houma-bound

Whenever I have plans, I send Kevin & Maddie off to visit his parents in Houma. Thanks, Granny Pearl and Paw Paw Raymond! (And Kevin for giving me time alone!) Through some strange twist of fate and scheduling, Maddie has spent a lot of her monthly birthdays in Houma. On her fourteen month birthday, she was once again Houma-bound!

Maddie on her three month birthday with Granny Pearl and
Paw Paw Raymond

Eight month old Maddie with Granny Pearl

Maddie with Granny Pearl and Paw Paw Raymond on her
14th month birthday (last week).

While Maddie played with her grandparents, I co-hosted a shower for my friend Sara. Baby Henry is due at the end of February, and we wanted to say thank you to Sara.

We threw a pickles & ice cream party.

I think Sara was surprised.

Thank you, Sara, and hello soon-to-be Baby Henry!

1 comment:

Sara said...

I was very surprised Cherie! Thank you again for everything!!!!